Student On The Job Training (OJT)

Student On-The-Job-Training (OJT)
In the areas of:  90% Hands-On Training with 10% Lecture/ Discussion
Food and Beverage Department
Housekeeping Department
Front Office Department
Leisure and Wellness

**We also offer package rate for students dormitory for those interested coming from outside Cebu City**

Executive Development Training
These are comprehensive training seminars designed for the academic & industry professional that needs additional enhancement & exposure in hotel operation. Classes will be offered on a weekly (7 days) basis thru our stay and learn package.

Train-the-Trainers Program / Faculty Immersion

1st Week Program includes:

  1. Seminar in Hospitality Leisure Operation
  2. Seminar in Wellness & Spa Operation
  3. Seminar in HR & Behavior in Hospitality Industry
  4. On the Job Training

2nd week Program includes:

  1. Seminar in Food and Beverage Operation
  2. Seminar in Food Safety - ServeSafe
  3. Workshop “How to conduct hotel audit”
  4. On the Job Training

Executive Apprenticeship Program

Pre-Req:  Faculty Development Training
2 – Weeks Hands-On Supervisory and Managerial Training in the areas of: Food and Beverage, Front office, Housekeeping, and Human Resources.

Other trainings available upon request:

  • Student Development Seminars:
  • Personality and Grooming for a Career in Hospitality Industry
  • Room Attendant Skills Seminar / Workshop
  • Waiter Skills Seminar & Workshop
  • Seminar in Food Safety
  • Seminar / Workshop for Hotel Accounting
  • 3-Days Bartending Workshop
  • 3-Days Barista Workshop
  • 5 Days Culinary Skills Training
  • Specialized Trainings:
  • Personality Development for Hospitality Professional
  • Professional Ethics for Hospitality Practitioner & Academician
  • English Language for Hospitality Practitioner